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Mobile Food Stand with Chefs

Looking for something new and exciting for your party? Then look no further than Mobile Bistros! Our mobile pizzas and food stand will provide your guests with fresh, made-to-order mobile party catering that is sure to please everyone’s palate.

Our talented chefs serve you and your guests for two hours or more, ensuring everyone gets a taste of delicious food. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything!

Sourdough Pizzas for Pizza Parties

Our Mobile Food Stand Story

We love to host pizza parties for close friends. And they’ve encouraged us to bring the experience beyond ourselves and make it available to you too!

So whether it’s a birthday party, hen party, baby shower, or wedding, we’d be delighted to support you by catering your event.

For private parties have 40, 50 or 60 x 11″ stone-baked pizzas, prepared and cooked at your home, office or hired venue in Cheshire or Derbyshire.

And for those catering for larger numbers, hire a wedding evening food package of unlimited sweet Belgian waffles, unlimited hot dogs with nachos or half pizzas. Check out our wedding catering in Cheshire.

mobile pizza party catering for Cheshire
Mobile Party Catering across Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire

Private Party and Event Catering

mobile party catering process
Arrive, Prepare, Cook, Serve

How it Works

  1. We travel to your home and set up our food stall.
  2. A chef prepares delicious and tasty mobile pizza and party catering for your guests.
  3. We cook each pizza in 2 minutes. Typically, we’ll prepare and cook 30 pizzas per hour.
  4. Your guests enjoy their delicious pizzas and you’re the talk of the town!
food catering for mobile parties
Mobile Pizza Stand
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Prepping Pizzas
pizza chef cooks party pizzas
Cooking for Guests
pizza serving table at party
Guests Slice and Serve

    wedding pizzas in cheshire

    Getting Married? Discover our Wedding Pizzas

    Learn how we cook wedding pizza for your evening celebrations

    Mobile Pizza Catering Services in Cheshire

    Our food stall, pizza ovens, and pleasant chefs can help you produce one-of-a-kind events. It’s perfect for any party in the garden, wedding, birthday, or special occasion.

    Quality Pizza, Every Time

    All our mobile pizza chefs use top quality products and cook passionately, making every single pizza at your event completely by hand.

    Book Mobile Bistros, a mobile pizza company, and enjoy delicious pizza catering prepared from a pizza stand in your garden or at your venue! The best quality dough from our partners, the Northern Dough Company, produce beautifully soft and light sourdough bases twinned with homemade tomato sauce and toppings from classic Italian dishes like Pepperoni and Margheritas to unique dishes including Punchy Pesto.

    We offer pizza catering for weddings and corporate events too allowing you to have delicious pizza for your guests.

    pizz stand and van for hire
    The best sourdough base, homemade sauce and popular toppings make for fantastic mobile pizza.
    Mobile Pizza and Catering Team
    sourdough pizzas made by hand
    pop up pizzas with ooni ovens
    Poptop Mobile Supplier in Cheshire
    You’re in Safe Hands

    Whenever you book a birthday party of 40 people or a wedding party of 140 people the same friendly service applies.

    Our team of talented event caterers can take care of your mobile party catering from start to finish. As a mobile pizza business, we consider our team as an extension of you and are happy to chat with guests, cook to order and be an asset to your party.

    What’s more, a 5* Food Hygiene Rating guarantees food safety.

    5 star food hygiene safety for food and drink hire
    5* Food Hygiene. Whether it is allergen control, clean preparation or safe cooking procedures, you’re safe.
    Mobile Food Stand vs Mobile Pizza Van

    If you’re looking for pizza catering, you may want to consider a mobile pizza stall instead of a pizza van. Mobile pizza stalls are more cost-effective than pizza vans, and they allow for a reasonable number of pizzas to be made to order – perfect for smaller events.

    Rather than a mobile pizza van, have you considered a mobile catering stall? The benefits of a food stall are :

    – It’s a mobile pizza stall and pizza oven, rather than a pizza van. This means we can cook pizza anywhere – your garden, a marquee, on a grass field, at your wedding reception. We’re not restricted to parking outside your house like large pizza vans.

    – Mobile pizza stalls are more impressive than pizza vans. Looking for pizza catering? You’ll probably see pizza stalls are becoming more popular as mobile pizza ovens become smaller and quicker to heat than pizza vans.

    mobile pizza catering for parties in Cheshire
    Pizza stands have more fun
    mobile catering food stand for parties
    Hire a pizza stall and chef for your garden party

    – Mobile food stalls stand right at the heart of your party. With a footprint of only 2.5m x 3m, they’re at their best in your garden amongst your guests. Pizza vans are distant and impractical for parties at your home.

    – Food stalls allow for a reasonable number of pizzas to be made to order. Many mobile pizza vans have a minimum number of 80 guests or more. With all the cost of hiring or converting a pizza van, who can blame them? With a food stand, however, you can have mobile party catering at your home from a minimum of 40 servings.

    5* Reviews for Mobile Bistros Pizza and Party Food
    Join hundreds of happy pizza party people like these!
    Happy hosts across Cheshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire!

      1. How much does it cost to hire a pop-up pizza stand for a party?

      The cost of hiring a pop-up pizza stand can vary based on factors such as the number of guests, duration of the event, and day of the week. On average, you can expect to pay a base fee, plus a per-pizza charge. It’s essential to discuss your specific requirements regarding the pizza stand party to get an accurate quote tailored to your event. Simply provide the number of guests plus your preferred date.

      2. What types of pizzas are typically offered, and can they accommodate dietary restrictions?

      Pop-up pizza stands usually offer a variety of classic and speciality pizzas. Many providers can accommodate dietary restrictions, offering options like gluten-free bases and vegetarian toppings. It’s advisable to inform of any specific dietary needs in advance to ensure a customised menu for your guests.

      3. How much space and setup time is required for the pop-up pizza stand?

      The space and setup time depend on the size of the pizza stand and the equipment involved. Generally, an outdoor area of 2.5 metres x 3 metres is sufficient for a pizza stand and serving table. Access to both electricity and water is not required. The setup time is typically one hour and set down 45 minutes.

      4. Is staffing included in the pizza stand hire, and what is their role during the event?

      Some pizza stand hires include staffing, while others may require you to provide volunteers or hire additional personnel. Our pizza chefs are including in your hire and take responsibility for preparation, cooking, and serving. Clarify the staffing arrangement with your caterer to ensure a seamless service during your party.

      5. Can the pop-up pizza stand accommodate a specific theme or style for my party?

      Many pop-up pizza stands can be customised to fit the theme or style of your party. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event, discuss your vision with the mobile caterer. They may be able to tailor their setup, uniforms, and even menu options to complement the atmosphere you want to create for your guests.


      How much will a food stand cost for my party?

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