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Creating series and movies has always been important. People need some time for themselves, and what better way to relax after a long and stressful day than to sit in front of the TV and watch their favourite show? But how often do we see the hard work that makes it happen? So many roles and so many functions from actors and directors through to stage hire and mobile event catering.

mobile event catering whilst filming on location

Crash, Bang, Wallop (What a Video)’ was finally getting its highly anticipated follow-up. All the actors had been chosen, including extras that were mostly famous Instagram influencers. The film crew was ready to begin filming, however, there was still one last thing to do before they commenced. In order to keep the crew and actors happy, they needed to be well fed. There was nothing more volatile than a film crew without a hot meal, just ask the team on BBC’s Top Drive.

The producer was stressed out, dealing with multiple tasks on hand, trying to keep everyone satisfied. Unfortunately, the regular corporate caterers had become unavailable due to a wedding commitment, but the producer could not cancel the filming due to the pressing deadline that was coming up.

The crew itself consisted of 30 people. They were all located at a remote stately home in rural Derbyshire and were growing more and more anxious and frustrated by the minute. It was humid and they all felt uncomfortable.

The worst came to be when the leading presenter demanded things that were impossible to get. He demanded fine weather as if it was something that the producer was able to control! Not only that, but he also requested a mobile hot tub and fat-free Toblerones. It was preposterous! The demands were impossible to meet, and even if they weren’t, the producer would not want to deal with people like that anyway.

“They are way too spoiled,” the producer said during a phone call with her boss. “A hot tub?! Are you joking? What is this, a 5-star resort where people come to relax? This is work! They’re hired workers! They shouldn’t be making such demands.”

“Perhaps you could try to hire someone else. Another corporate catering company, perhaps?” the man on the other side of the phone said. He seemed uninterested in the drama that was unfolding, unlike the producer who wore her heart on her sleeve and was extremely emotional.

I don’t think anyone will show up—it’s just such short notice. Ah, we’re doomed!” she exclaimed.

“Ugh, stop complaining. You’re giving me a headache. I’ll make someone send you an email with the available options. You should’ve already begun filming instead of dealing with… Whatever this is,” he sighed. “Anyway, don’t call me unless it’s actually important.”

And with that, the phone call ended. The producer’s shoulders slouched in defeat as she gloomily walked over to her car where her laptop was located. She pulled it out and saw the email and… After one quick message, the problem was solved!

Mobile Event Catering

Mobile Bistros came to the rescue, bringing delicious food that made everyone happy along with top tier customer service. The new mobile event catering was a huge success. The food stand was set up near the refreshments table and all the crew, some of which had been there since 6 am, were fed and went back to work highly motivated.

Phew, that was a close one!

P.S. All of the characters in this mobile event catering short story are fictitious etc etc

And if you’re in need of mobile event catering for your business, get in touch now.

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