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How much will a food stand cost for your party?

Our Prices and Availability

As a mobile food company, our kitchen comes to you. 

We arrive at your home, function room or workplace, equipped with everything needed to prepare and cook delicious food for you and your guests.

There are some simple requirements to make the event possible. We’ll need a safe, outdoor space of 2.5m x 2.5m or more. 

Unlike other pizza party caterers, our portable ovens mean that we can set up in your garden, driveway or any outside space.

We’ll cook to order from our menu, over 2 hours or longer if arranged.

If you have questions, we’re more than happy to answer these for you. We’re often cooking, preparing or travelling and so the best method is using the form below. We pick up all our messages and will get back to you quickly.

So, your big question is “what does a food stand cost?”

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