Bring the Party to Your Hen Night with The Boogie Box Bar

Nicky, the Hen Party Hero

Nicky was in charge of organising the hen party for her best friend’s upcoming wedding. She had a lot on her plate with 30 guests to organise for, but Nicky loved taking on a challenge like this. After deciding that they would have the hen party at her parents’ house which had a large garden perfect for hosting guests, she started to plan out the day’s events.

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She had all kinds of fun activities planned throughout the afternoon and evening such as lawn games, karaoke and charades – but what really made it special was that Nicky wanted to organise cocktails too! Not only did she want them served at home, but also something unique and exciting that could bring some life into their otherwise ordinary gathering.

After much searching online and scouring through different sites, Nicky finally discovered The Boogie Box Bar by Mobile Bistros – an amazing mobile bar service with a built-in music speaker! This meant that not only could they enjoy delicious cocktails from their own brunch-style drinks menu, but there would also be some great tunes playing in the background – totally free of charge! Now all they needed was someone to manage it!

The Boogie Box Bar was a converted horsebox that had been transformed into something quite special. Not only did it have a well-stocked cocktail bar, but also an outdoor speaker to play some tunes!

The girls arrived at the bar and were welcomed with delicious Cosmopolitans as they chatted and got to know each other. Some of them were old friends so there was much laughter as they enjoyed their chilled cocktails.

Next up on the menu was Strawberry Daiquiris, followed by Mojitos – three rounds already! The barman kept everyone safe by making sure drinks weren’t overindulged in too quickly.

Classic Cocktails from the Horsebox Bar

Once everyone had settled nicely in the atmosphere of chatty fun, it was time for Pornstar Martinis which went down very well (as usual!). As if this wasn’t enough enjoyment, guests were then asked to score each drink according to its taste on a tasting menu – adding another exciting layer onto the night out! Finally came Espresso Martinis – always popular and perfect for ending off what had been a great evening spent together. 

Everyone loved every minute of it until sadly, it became time for them all say goodbye once more. Thanks to Nicky’s creative thinking (and excellent organisational skills!), this truly was a night no one would forget in a hurry.

It had been a month since the hen party, but the girls still couldn’t stop talking about it. They were all buzzing with excitement as they got ready for Nicky and Joe’s big day—the wedding of the year!

The main topic of discussion was The Boogie Box Bar, which had made their night out so special. Everyone remembered their favourite drinks; there were Cosmos for some and Pornstar Martinis for others.

Nicky was congratulated on her amazing organisation skills and a few friends asked where they could find The Boogie Box again in future. “Just google Mobile Bistros” she said with a smile, “and you’ll find them there!”

Soon enough, everyone snapped back into reality and started to get excited about the wedding again. And with the hen party conversation out of the way, everyone focused back on what really mattered – celebrating one of life’s most precious moments with their best friend as she tied-the-knot!

This short story is a shameless plug for mobile cocktail bar hire from Mobile Bistros.

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You Too Can Experience The Boogie Box Bar


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