Unlimited Waffles – 7 New Wedding Desserts in Cheshire


At our waffle stand, we’ll cook for your wedding guests for two hours. We’ve got all your favourite toppings, from blueberries and strawberries to maple syrup, marshmallows and chocolate sauces. These golden Belgian waffles will make any occasion special with their sweet flavours that are perfect for Cheshire weddings or other parties where you want guests satisfied right away!

Wedding Desserts for Cheshire Weddings

Take a peek at our unlimited wedding waffles menu here

We have a talent pool full of skilled chefs who will make sure that every guest gets exactly what they want. With golden Belgian waffles topped with tasty toppings, these absolute perfectionists are ready to satisfy taste buds right up until dessert time comes to a close.

Booking Fee : £200.00 Per item

Presenting unlimited waffles, the food stand where you can get all your Belgian waffle needs met! The chefs here are talented and will cook up a storm for your wedding guests. They’re serving golden Belgian waffles with sweet toppings that tantalise taste buds just right for your evening wedding party – no matter how many times we eat these things they never get old or boring. Take a look at our mouth-watering wedding desserts in Cheshire below.

Unlimited Wedding Desserts in Cheshire

Who needs to make room for just one waffle? Now your guests can enjoy all the Belgian ones their hearts desire with unlimited waffles! Our talented chefs will cook for two hours and make each waffle to order with a variety of mouth-watering toppings.

Product is avaialble in below zipcode areas.

How much will a food stand cost for my party?

Remove the hassle of hosting and hire a mobile chef to cook for your party. Send your enquiry now.
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