Mobile Bistros offers a unique and fun catering option for wedding receptions – hot dogs with nachos! This is a great way to feed your guests an evening wedding party that they won’t forget. We can cook an appetising variety of unlimited hot dogs for weddings, so you don’t have to worry about feeding a large number of guests. Here’s how it works:

Hot Dogs for Evening Guests

We bring our pop-up hot dog stand right to the heart of your wedding, cooking on-site. We will cook all of the hot dogs right there, so your guests can enjoy their meal hot out of our ovens. The chefs will add the genuine German bratwurst to a brioche roll, add nachos, top with cheese sauce and serve in a presentable tray. We serve the hot dogs and nachos at an adjoining buffet table where guests can add their toppings of tomato sauce, salsa, American mustard, dried onions and jalapenos.

Hot Dogs for Wedding Parties

Your guests can choose from a great choice of varieties, including traditional bratwurst, spicy hot, Stilton and BBQ sauce, chicken and vegan. Your hot dog and nachos will be served fresh with our delicious nacho and cheddar cheese sauce, so your wedding guests keep their appetites at bay.

hot dogs for weddings
Wedding guests add their choice of toppings

Hot Dog Toppings Station

With our awesome hot dog topping station, you will want to keep the wedding party going, just so your guests can try all the delicious topping combinations!

Popup food stands, especially hot dog bars, are great for less formal evening receptions. If you’re expecting a lot of guests (80 – 150), then this is perfect because it’ll be one long table with a variety of hot dogs accompanied by nachos, cheese sauce and toppings served buffet style. This way, your guests can help themselves and you won’t have to worry about keeping them fed as the party goes on into the early hours.

Hot Dog Van?

We believe in being at the heart of your guests’ wedding experience. Which is why we don’t use a regular van or hot dog cart – we use a hot dog stand.

Instead, we have a versatile mobile hot dog stand that arrives complete with portable ovens and chefs. This way, your wedding will get the best of us by being able to cook and serve amazing food right at the heart of where the action is. Our stand always comes stocked with everything needed to make delectable hot dogs for weddings, including nachos and cheese sauce for your party-loving guests!

Flexibility is key. We are versatile and can serve batches of hot dogs and nachos from virtually any spot on your special day.

Not to mention, our mobile hot dog stand is completely self-contained and perfectly at home anywhere outdoors at your wedding venue.

Street Food for Weddings

What We’ll Cook For You

We cook batches of traditional bratwursts plus spicy hot, blue cheese, chicken and vegan varieties. Each sausage is served in a brioche roll and accompanied by nachos covered in our unique cheese sauce. Guest add their choice of toppings.

For a guide to quantities, we cook from 60 – 160 servings

  • 60 – 80 servings with a cooking time of 1 hour
  • 80 – 160 servings with a cooking time of 2 hours
  • Set up and set down is one hour either side

What You’ll Need To Provide

If you’re wanting to get that street food vibe with your wedding food and serve a hot dog/nacho buffet, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • We need an outdoor space of 3m x 3m that is level, safe, and outdoors.
  • We don’t need water or electricity (but an outdoor mains point can make things easier).
  • We do need access to wash our hands before preparing your wedding hot dogs and nachos
  • We do need to be able to park close by the stand so as to unload and load safely


    How much will a food stand cost for my party?

    Remove the hassle of hosting and hire a mobile chef to cook for your party. Send your enquiry now.
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