Pop-up Pizza

Mobile Pizza Menu


Basil; sweet tomatoes; Mozzarella


Pepperoni slices; red onion; Mozzarella

Ham and Mushroom

Smoked ham; mushrooms; Mozzarella

Punchy Pesto Pizza

Basil pesto drizzle; sweet tomatoes; chilli flakes; Mozzarella optional

Super Vegetarian

All the veg and nothing but the veg (plus Mozzarella)

Spicy Meat Feast

Combination of meats; red onion; fresh chillies; Mozzarella

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We can cater for gluten-free guests, using FreeFrom tortilla bases, with prior notice. Vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free needs are catered for within the standard menu.

Late Nite Eats

Unlimited Desserts

We serve unlimited waffles, perfect for wedding evening food. We bring our stand, two chefs, and serve hot Belgian waffles with a choice of fruits and chocolate toppings, for 2 hours.


Nutella drizzle; fruits; marshmallows.

Fruit Coulis

Choice of fruits and coulis drizzle (mango, raspberry, strawberry, toffee).


Biscoff bits; Biscoff drizzle; fruits; white chocolate drizzle.

White chocolate

White chocolate; fruits; coulis.

Oreo and Mint

Oreo bits; chocolate drizzle; fruits and fresh mint.

Fresh lemon and sugar

A squeeze of a whole lemon sprinkled with sugar.

How we serve your unlimited desserts

Food is made to order at our food stand. Your guests are invited to join us as we prepare and serve to order from our food stand set up exclusively for your event.

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