Need to hire a pizza stand for your party?

Hiring a mobile catering company to cook for your party has certainly gained in popularity. A mobile food stand hosted in your garden or on your driveway really gives a wow factor to your party. No boring cold sandwiches, no need to drag friends and family in to help, all in all, it’s one less thing to worry about. It’s easy to see why food stands are proving popular.

And along with popularity comes choice. How do you know what will work best for you? Some questions to consider when considering hiring a mobile food stand…

  • How much space is available for a food stand in your garden?
  • How many servings will need to be cooked?
  • What dietary requirements do your guests have?
  • Do guests go to the food stand and have their party food made to order?
  • Would a pizza van work or is a pizza srand preferable?
  • Do you have outside services particularly an electrical point?

Reflecting on such questions will help you clarify your requirements and gain an understanding of what is possible. Having clarified your party needs, you can begin researching an appropriate mobile food company for your private event. You’ll still have many questions but don’t worry, we’re here to remove your party anxiety and help you host a happy event.

Party Food Stand Basics

The great benefit of a food stand, rather than a food van, is that they are highly portable, easy to set up and can be erected in the heart of your party, usually in a corner of your garden. Such portability allows for a more intimate gathering than hiring a food van parked on the road.

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Hiring a pizza stand adds food luxury to your party

Importantly, our food stands are self-sufficient. That means, typically, no water or electricity is required. Should you have an outside power socket nearby, this can be helpful but not essential for most private parties. Should your party have a large number of guests, electric access may be needed for refrigeration but we’d make you aware of this during the booking process. Finally, our catering team will need access to a kitchen sink or downstairs bathroom to wash hands.

With Mobile Bistros, you simply need a safe, flat, outdoor area of 2.5m x 2.5m. Plus a little more breathing space for guests and access.

As the food stand is fully collapsible, regular side access is sufficient to bring our gazebo plus catering equipment to your garden. We’ve carefully selected our stand size, oven and equipment to comfortably be at home in your garden area, patio or driveway.

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Pop-Up Pizza Menu Options

We bring a wide menu of both the traditional and the modern to your party. Importantly, and reflecting changes in the needs of your guests, we have vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options as standard. Gluten-free options can be arranged with prior notice. Of course, the family favourites are still there and we can make it simple for any children attending. We’ve designed our pop-up pizza menu with flexibility and variety in mind. Refined over three years of mobile pizza catering experience, our food stand menu can cater for 30 to 100 guests, made to order, stone-baked and combining a fresh sourdough base with a delicious homemade tomato sauce.

Birthday Parties

Whether a 21st, 30th, 40th, no matter how many candles are on your cake, “The Mobile Pizza Chef” brings all the ingredients, pizza oven and food stand. Your guests enjoy made to order stone-baked pizzas. Enquire about hiring a food stand for your pizza party.

childrens party food

Childrens’ Parties

We spoil our children, don’t we?

Think of it like this, are you going to stress over catering for both children and adults? How much do you think this will cost in food alone?

We’re happy to cater for childrens’ parties being both professional and empathetic to the running of such a party.

Please let us know how many children and adults you wish to cater for and we’ll get a price for you.

Hen Parties and Henfests

Hen parties are quite the party these days. Out are the weekends abroad and in are the more subtle but fun glamping parties and #henfests.

You may even be hiring a party venue, campsite or cottages and need to hire someone to provide the party food. We’re happy to set up our food stand at your home or henfest venue to help make your hen party one a party to remember.

Just get in touch with numbers and location and we’ll prepare a price for you. Enjoy!

Wedding Food Stand

The big one. Your wedding party surpasses all other celebrations.

We’d be totally delighted to be hired as part of your catering for your wedding evening.

Whether it’s supporting your main catering or as a catering provider for your evening food, please talk to us to see what’s possible.

Graduation Parties

You’ve put in all those hours of stress and hard work, why add to it by catering for your graduation party alone?

Your graduation party is one of your last opportunities to celebrate with both family and student friends together.

Take the stress out of your graduation party and hire a food stand and chef to prepare and cook stone-baked pizzas for your celebration.