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In particular, we ask you to consider the important information on allergens.

Food Stand Set-up

Please note that there is a cooking time of 2 hours to cook for everyone for your event. Unless you’ve requested longer. Please also read the important information about the day at including the need for a safe, outdoor space of 2.5m x 2.5m. An accessible electrical point is helpful but not necessary. We would need access to wash our hands somewhere on the ground floor, please.

Dietary Requirements

Just a note on dietary requirements, for vegetarian options we can do tomato and mozzarella, mushrooms, peppers etc. For any vegan guests, both the sourdough bases and the tomato sauce are suitable as are any vegetables. We highly recommend passing on any vegan ‘cheese’ as we find this hides the taste of the base and sauce – the best bits. You can read the typical menu here. Please let me know if there is any preference for more vegetarian, more meat, vegan etc, so I can adjust the toppings if needed. All biodegradable plates and napkins are provided by us.

Allergen Information

Also, you will have seen the importance of allergens. Just to say that all food is prepared in kitchens which may include nuts, mushrooms and other allergens. I will have a full ingredient list to hand but if there are any guests with such allergies, my advice has to be that a suitable alternative is found and prepared for them in your own kitchen.

Unlike restaurants, with a mobile kitchen, there isn’t the capability to separate items such as nuts from the cooking process. Preparation tables, tools and equipment are shared across all ingredients, which includes pistachios. This means we have to be clear with you now that we are unable to cook for guests with nut allergies.

We trust you understand and that an alternative can be provided by you for them on this occasion.

Best wishes, Mobile Bistros


How much will a food stand cost for my party?

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