Wedding Food Stand Ideas

The great benefit of a wedding catering stand is its flexibility and variety. From the same street food stand a choice of popular wedding food menus are offered. Based on our years of experience, we provide three tempting alternatives. For your evening food offer, we provide a choice of unlimited waffles or unlimited hot dogs with loaded nachos. You can expect 100 – 120 servings for your evening guests.

For more intimate wedding parties, we provide our pop up pizza stand. Our sourdough, stone-baked pizzas are cooked to perfection and placed onto a serving table for your guests to slice, oil and add serve themselves. With this fast cook buffet style, you can expect to see 75 pizzas over a two hour serving time. Our team will cook through our menu of eight popular varieties and serve to an adjoining table for your guests to help themselves. As we continue to cook, any untouched pizzas are boxed and stacked for guests to take home.

Hot Dogs + Nachos

blue hot dog for wedding catering
Unlimited Hot Dogs for 2 hours

Guests choose from our menu with unlimited servings for two hours. Our ‘late nite’ wedding menu includes traditional hot dogs, vegan dogs, chicken dogs plus guests can build their own to order.

Service includes 2 hours serving, made to order for your guests, from our ‘late nite’ food stand.

Sourdough Pizzas

pizzas stone baked at our pizza stand for your wedding guests
Sourdough Pizzas for Weddings

Restaurant quality sourdough pizzas are made to order at our pop-up pizza stand.

With a popular mix of both traditional pizza plus vegetarian and vegan options, our wedding pizza catering has something for everyone.

A cooking time of 2 hours will have 75 x 11″ wedding pizzas served to an adjoining buffet table.

Sweet Waffles

unlimited waffles for weddings
Unlimited Waffles for 2 hours

Guests delight in unlimited waffles, from our food stand, with unlimited servings for two hours. Our ‘late nite’ wedding menu offers sweet Belgian waffles with a choice of toppings including Nutella, Oreo, Biscoff, white chocolate and lots more. We’re more than happy to make waffles to order using our wide range of toppings.

Service includes 2 hours of serving your wedding guests, from our mobile food stand.

As you’d expect, all of our wedding food menus cater for traditional, vegetarian and vegan options. Gluten-free items can be provided with prior notice.

Hiring Wedding Food Stands

As you consider a wedding food stand, there are a number of things worth considering. Some questions to discuss together include:

  • Is there space available for the food stand at your wedding venue?
  • Do you need the food stand to be indoors or can it be outdoors?
  • How many guests need to be catered for?
  • What variety of food stands and vans will you need?
  • Does your wedding food stand require a particular set-up or style?

Once you have narrowed your choice, it’s important to consider that not all food stands and menus are the same. Whatever you choose will need its own set of considerations. These include where you position the wedding food stand, the space required, serving times and utility services. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand all you need to know.

What Size are Wedding Food Stands?

Most outdoor food catering stands are either 2.5m x 2.5m or 3m x 3m.

hire pizza in cheshire

At Mobile Bistros, we require a safe, flat, outdoor space of at least 3m x 3m. All our catering equipment and setup are purposefully designed to fit within this compact space to give flexibility to you.

Additionally, we are totally self-sufficient. No water is required. An outside electrical point can be helpful but is not necessary. Our team will need to be able to wash their hands prior to handling your wedding food.

Food Stand Dimensions

More specifically, both our Pop-up Pizza and Late Nite Eats food stands have dimensions of 2.5m width, 2.5m length and up to 3 metres in height. Attached to our stand is a serving table with pizza boards, pizza wheels, oils, biodegradable plates and napkins.

Remember to allow space for several of your wedding guests to be served from one side of the food stand.

Depending on the time of year, it can be helpful to consider any opportunities for shade or for mitigating the effects of windy and wet conditions. Temperature, hot or cold, isn’t so much of an obstacle for food stand providers. The wind is the most important consideration, and so outside areas where at least one side is sheltered by a wall or building are particularly useful.

wedding food stands to hire
Our Wedding Food Stand Dimensions

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